We start….

20160525_133007Our first blog our first course. Tomorrow we start. We are over-subscribed with 13 women booked on to our confidence building course Art & Shine. I didn’t have the heart to say no- so we have more than planned.

I have a small case full of art materials and another carrier bag full of small boxes and more craft materials- just in case they want to experiment with collage and fabrics.

I have been telling people I had the idea for this social enterprise 18 months ago but actually it appears in one of my sketch books and a vision board 4 years ago! Then I just thought about the clothing label and didn’t realise that a small suite of training programmes needed to come before, but that’s how ideas build. We explore, we chat, we learn, we design, we tweak, we create…in no particular order.

But now it starts for real…I am quietly super excited. I have spoken to some of the participants on the phone and they are looking forward to the art and all want to build their confidence. The youngest is 18 and I know someone else has been off work, looking after her eight year old daughter, so we have a mix of people.

Initially I thought I would plan out all sessions in detail, but now I have just done the first and I will let the interest of the participants guide the rest. Confidence building is a huge area. I’ll share a menu of topics and we’ll see which ones seem most attractive. This feels more in flow…

journalsAs a gift, tomorrow, they shall all receive a Shift Makers  ‘Proud of Me’ journal. I think we should all have one of these. When we have a dip in confidence we just go to the journal and remind ourselves how awesome we are.

Better finish off my prep. Wish me luck!



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