Core Values

Here at Shift Makers our core values are about:

Delivering fabulousness. All our courses and workshops are interactive, stimulating, creative and fabulous! We want people to feel good when they work with us and walk out feeling fabulous.

Growth Potential. We believe everyone has the capacity to grow and change- and that includes the Facilitators and Directors at Shift Makers! All our programmes help to facilitate growth on many levels. We also think that we are all perfect just as we are- with all our imperfections.

Empowerment. We exist to facilitate the empowerment of others- particularly the women we work with. We will constantly check our practice to ensure we work in an empowering way.

Creativity. We believe creativity has great power. It transcends words; makes learning accessible; makes us as an organisation more accessible, flexible and responsive; it has the capacity to heal, to inspire and allow people to grow.

Love. Love isn’t always something you find in organisational-speak but Shift Makers was built from a place of love. We want to use our skills and expertise and make a difference.  We want people who work with us to love what they do, for the women on our courses to develop a sense of self-love and to go on and create with love.

We also have some key a supporting values:

Respect.  We treat each other with respect. This means we do not judge, assume, stereotype or ‘pigeon hole’. If we don’t know- we ask.

Confidentiality. We appreciate that people will share important information with us. In terms of personal details but also the stories they may share in workshops. These will be kept confidential within the group. This issue will be agreed in workshops by all participants.

Equality. No one person is of greater value than another. We value people’s opinions and accept that we each have different world view and life experience. Having said this people who behave in a discriminatory way to others will be challenged and asked to rethink their position on the course.

Health and Safety. We will ensure that the places we work and the activities we do are safe for all concerned. Where appropriate we will carry out a risk assessment.

Professional boundaries. As facilitators we recognise the need to keep boundaries between our personal and professional lives and our contact with clients.

Professional Development. As staff members we are continually growing- updating our skills and knowledge.