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pink-largePleased to report that Shift Makers has been successful in securing an ‘Awards for all’ Big Lottery grant!

This is our first ‘pot’ of funding and will allow us to deliver our  Art ‘n’ Shine confidence building courses to 2 groups of women: one in Caerphilly and the other in Blaenau Gwent.

Our first partner is Llamau, the homeless charity, who work with young people and vulnerable women. We began the eight week course, last week in Caerphilly, with women from their refuges and housing projects.

DB3d6p1V0AEf1uRInitial responses were positive and people enjoyed the relaxed format of the course.

‘I like the way you’re not forced to talk like on other courses.’  

 Unlike traditional courses we don’t use workbooks- but art and crafts and quotes. As people make stuff we chat- that’s the simplest way of describing our methodology.

Our theme for the first few weeks is ‘self love.’


In the first session people decorated a box for themelves and personalised their ‘Proud of me’ journals. The journals are their place to record the small things that they are proud of…like summoning up the courage to come along to the course.

There is no quick fix to confidence -neither is there ever an end point. I don’t think anyone ever feels ‘I’m completely confident’ as there is always more work to do as the challenges we face change. It’s just about moving up your own personal scale at own pace.

On behalf of everyone at Shift Makers and Llamau ‘Thank you- Big Lottery’ for funding us to run these courses over the next few months.


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