22697527_sShift Makers offers training and development opportunities to help people make a positive shift in their lives. Our mission statement reads ‘Empowerment through creativity.’ Our vision is equally bold: ‘to create an ethical clothing label where the makers are up-skilled women from across the UK.’

We work primarily with women who have experienced challenging life events. They may have low confidence and self-belief; they may feel trapped in a situation not knowing how to get out of it. We support people to make a shift in their lives so they can become financially independent by moving into employment or self employment.

26619047_sWe do this by offering training and development opportunities in the following areas: Confidence building, Enterprise skills, Sewing and Dress making.

Shift Makers is a community interest company. Our Social objectives are as follows: 

  1. To provide a space for women to engage in arts based activities as a vehicle for confidence building, self-discovery and self-empowerment.
  2. To provide training and development opportunities that help women take the next step in their personal development towards social inclusion and financial independence.
  3. To offer women an opportunity to use creativity as a tool to improve their own health and well-being and to cultivate a sense of community.
  4. To enable women to gain the confidence and skills to access the job market or consider self-employment

Shift Makers CIC Company Number 9978256

Management Board: Directors include: Prith Biant (MD), Professor Jonathan Deacon, Meirion Morgan, Ami Jones & Andrew Board. Click here to see more details

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Contact us: Tel: 07966 872786 or email